The pandemic has shut the doors of corporate buildings; people are working from home. This trend will continue either out of choice or as a necessity. Annually, 10% of people move from one house to another in the US. Most of these young people shift either for business or personal reasons.


Formal workplaces are not the safest environments for social distancing. People always share equipment; such as staplers, printers. Companies have relatively squeezed spaces for their staff. There is speculation that more people will decide to work from home long after the pandemic has passed.

Home-based workers will have to adjust their spaces at home to accommodate both their personal and office needs. Some of the considerations to bear in mind include;

  1. Make Space

Most people assume that a person needs a large house to have a home office. A person has to create the workspace regardless of the size of their house. He/ she can turn a room meant for another purpose into his/her office. A committed home-based worker can work from anywhere in the house; even the kitchen counter.

  1. Do Not Inconvenience Your Neighbors

A successful home-based business gets more clients as well as employees. Frequent clients to the house should not take up all shared space from your neighbors. Rented houses have clear regulations that a home-based worker should adhere to; evacuation might inconvenience your business.

  1. Expect Change

Home-based work, just like formal offices, factors future needs to scale up. When a person starts working from home, he/she should not set up for permanence; especially in a rental.

  1. Manage Your Family

Working from home presents a new challenge that needs management. Kids might become a distraction and lower your productivity. Home-based working parents should set their home offices far from any family interruptions. Renting should account for this adjustment; so those parents aren’t interrupted.

In summary, the above are not house hunting tips, just mere considerations for renters who work from home. These tips will be more suited for Post-Pandemic house hunting. Renting at the moment would not be wise. However, it is healthy to consider what the future holds. With the overwhelming loss of life at the moment, a distraction such as planning for the future is necessary.